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Are you READY for transformational change in you Love & Sex Life?
Do you want to experience pleasure without guilt? 
Do you want to learn how to live a passion-filled life? 
Are you ready to Attract more LOVE, PASSION and JOY
Do you want to feel more confident in your romantic and sensual skills?  

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then you're in the right place!  Under the sassy leadership of Intimacy Coach Stacey Murphy, Blissful Lotus offers classes, private coaching as well as a variety of services to enhance the intimacy and sensuality in your life 

Reclaim your inner joy! It's time for a paradigm shift! 

My approach to relationships and intimacy is educational and fun, encouraging all Lovers to be the Master Artist in this journey of Intimate Play. 
Ahh! Did you know I also specialize in Polyamory Coaching?  Guiding Lovers to explore an "Alternative Relationship Dynamic"...Now I have your attention!

So let's start our sexy journey together!

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"6 Step Plan to Manifest Your Man...and A Yummy Relationship Too!" 4-Week Teleseminar

Coming in May 2014!

My Lovely Sister Goddesses!  Join me on this magical 4-week journey of manifesting the man you desire and deserve in your life!  Each week, I will guide you through an in-depth exploration into the 6 essential steps to transform your deadend unfulfilling relationships TO attracting happiness, joy and fulfillment.

"In order to have the relationship you seek, you must first BE that relationship. We’ll discuss how you can attract the relationship you desire through your thoughts, emotions, words and behavior. You’ll be given practical information and steps to manifest the man and relationship you WANT! When you're in alignment with your intentions, the Universe is in alignment with you."

This Teleseminar is For YOU if You Want To:

  • Receive a TRANSFORMATION in your "Love Life"!
  • Manifest the Man of Your Dreams
  • Get clear and decisive about what you want in a partner and relationship
  • Heal old wounds and unload toxic patterns that have prevented you from manifesting a fulfilling relationship
  • Awakening Your Inner Lover by knowing and loving "Who You Are"!
  • Learning how to use the "Law of Attraction" to manifest true love and sensual desire
Sister Goddesses...Here's What I have In Store For YOU!
  • 4-Week Live Teleseminar with me
  • Extensive 75+ page Handout distributed in Weekly Modules
  • Have access to downloadable audio recording of weekly Teleseminar 24 hours after live presentation
  • Weekly "Passion Assignments" to bring the principles to life
  • Bonus! (2) 1 1/2 hour Q&A Sessions
  • Bonus! Special Gift - BEing an Empowered Seduction Goddess (audio download)
  • Bonus! Special Membership in Secret Facebook Group for additional support, coaching and love-based community
  • Special Opportunity! Private One-on-One Breakthrough Session with ME!
Declare What You Want
  • Foundational Coaching: Thoughts Become Things
  • 7 Building Blocks for the Law of Attraction
  • 21 Day "Love Challenge"
  • 3 Words to Eliminate From Your Vocabulary & Their Replacement
  • Elimination of "Stinkin' Thinkin' Syndrome"
  • Learn to Create Your Language of Desire
Get Clear By Eliminating Toxic Patterns
  • Create Your Relationship By Design vs Default
  • Learn the Importance of Getting What You Are and What You Feel
  • Learn the Skills to Take Out the Trash of Old Baggage, Hurts and Past Relationships
  • Turnaround Negative Self-Talk into Empowering Beliefs of Creation and Affirmation
  • Design Your Boomerang Effect in Love & Lust
  • Learn to be a Vibrational Match to the Man You Want in Your Life
Mark Your Calendar!
APRIL 21TH, 2014
5 Keys of Self-Awareness
  • Learn to BE Bold and to BE Confident
  • You Will Learn to Focus on What's Working and Great About You!
  • Learn to Love Without Fear of Getting Hurt and Developing the Courage to Do It Anyway
  • Understand How Pleasure is Magnetic
  • Know How Seeing the Positive in People Will Help Them See the Positive In You
7 Key Building Blocks to Manifest Your Man
  • The Relationship Wheel & It's 7 Points of Attraction
  • Learn How to Identify Key Elements in the 7 Key Life Areas. What they look like, feel like and DESIGN the experience you WANT to have!
    • Mental
    • Emotional
    • Spiritual
    • Physical
    • Sexual
    • Financial
    • Social
  • Learn to Write a Powerful "Desire Proclamation" to Call Your Man to You!
  • Practical Steps to Magnify Your Man Magnet
  • Create Your "Manifest My Man" Vision Board
Mark Your Calendar!
APRIL 21TH, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Best Selling Author..."Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life!"

Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life gives you 29 chapters and 29 different viewpoints on how to experience a breakthrough so you’re able to open up to love – especially the kind of love that is right for you! So, if you have been frustrated in your quest for that right person, you MUST get this book.

In Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life a group of experts equip you with what you need to transform yourself into the best you. You’ll read exercises you can apply immediately, techniques the authors have personally used to solve their own concerns, and my chapter features yummy tidbits on how you can “Unleash the Seduction Goddess Within You” to tempt and titillate your way to a juicy love life.

"Sex & Happiness" Radio Interview with Host Laurie Handlers and Co-authors Stacey, Michael & Rach!

"Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life" Interview with Laurie Abela

Friday, April 18, 2014

Here’s your chance to go from “Fizzle to Sizzle” in 3 simple steps...

Happy Spring!  This is traditionally a time of renewal and rebirth as seeds of hope are planted with the intention of harvesting pleasure & joy.  Each week, I look forward to doling out tasty little morsels of divine bliss with the hope of putting a smile on that beautiful face of yours.  I share from my heart to yours what I know to be true for all of us -- within you is the divine right to live a life filled with juicy goodness. Why deny something you truly want for yourself?  Why deny the world of your juicy love?  Oh, I know!  Some of you may be wondering whether you have any juicy love to give?  I’m here to tell you that YOU most certainly do; it’s time for you to step into your sensual greatness and SIZZLE!

Depending on your upbringing or background, I know this can be a stretch for some of you, so work with me for a moment.  Do you find yourself trapped in the “Good Girl Syndrome”?  You know…those beliefs we were fed as a child (and beyond) of how a “proper” girl is SUPPOSED to act.  I ask many of my clients who feel unfulfilled, who have a strong desire to experience more and who question themselves wondering…”I followed all the rules, so why aren’t I happy?”, how is the Good Girl Syndrome working for you now?  Does any of this sound familiar?  The Good Girl Syndrome robbed many Goddesses of their joy, implanting those pesky inhibitions and now we’re crying out to get our “Sexy Back”!

Here are 3 Sexy Secrets to help get your “Sizzle” back:

Sizzle Tip #1: OMG…Enjoy Toe Curling SEX!

Sex isn’t a guilty pleasure…Sex is bliss, sex is fun…Sex is “adult play”.  When we were kids, we knew how to have fun and frolic.  We laughed, played dress up, and flexed our imaginative muscles in the creative games we conjured up.  Then what happened?  We tell ourselves, we grew up and life happened…bah humbug!  Sex feels good because it’s meant to be enjoyed, not held captive by the limiting beliefs we impose on this delicious source of creativity.  If you believe the body is an amazing natural wonder which knows how to heal itself, whose bodily functions work in perfect synchronicity that knows just what to do; then it can also be said our sexual urges are exactly what they’re supposed to be.  They are natural and part of a healthy and vibrant life.  When you embrace, without judgment, the pleasures of sex and intimacy, you transport your body, mind and spirit to a place of divine play in the purest form.  Your bedroom is your new playground, your lover is your playmate and your toys are his yummy love wand, a vibrator, and a blindfold, to name a few.  Imagine entertaining yourselves with an arousing game of naked Twister.  Feel, touch, taste and smell the desires of the flesh and bask in this euphoria allowing your sexual joy to SIZZLE!

Sizzle Tip #2: Be Bold & Be Confident!

My Goddess…A Seductress is a Mistress of sex appeal whose presence commands attention. She knows her body is a temple so she treats it divinely both inside and out.  Regardless of your shape or size, if you treat your body temple with respect – Love It, Cherish It, Appreciate It - your body will naturally work its magic to lovingly support you.

To maximize the heavenly nature of “Your Body”…Be Unforgettable!
As a Sizzle Siren, you have to personalize your appeal.  It’s not about keeping up with the latest trend, but creating and making it uniquely yours.  What is unique about you?  What are your positive qualities?  Let them shine; this is the beacon of your bold confidence. I’ll let you in on a secret, Hollywood may lead you to believe we all need to be a carbon copy of each other, but find peace in knowing everyone isn’t looking for the same thing. It would be a boring world if we were. Just as there are a vast variety of people on this planet, there are a myriad of needs, wants and desires to fulfill.  Ask yourself? Do you find the same men attractive as ALL your friends?  Some maybe, but all?  Of course not.  A certain type of person appeals to you.  This doesn’t mean all the other men are undesirable, they just don’t appeal to you.  And the same holds true for you, so try not to take things personally.  You are “desirable”!  When you magnify this yummy energy, you are stepping into your confidence and you will SIZZLE!

Sizzle Tip #3: Expand your sassiness, infuse “Your Mind” with an Optimistic Attitude

You were born as a loving being with an innate sense of optimism and jubilance.  But somewhere along the way this inherent joyfulness slowly slipped away.  Ask yourself, what benefit has your life received by holding onto pessimism, doubt and fear?  Has doing so improved your life in any way?  Or, has it flushed your pleasure down the preverbal toilet?  What if you knew that fear was nothing more than “False Evidence Appearing Real”. Now ponder the thought of what your life would be like if you embraced your intrinsic sensibilities of happiness and wonder.  Picture it, feel it, now embrace it!

One great way to promote an optimistic attitude is to stop wasting any of your precious energy “complaining”. Complaining is like “poison”, it slowly decays what is healthy and vibrant about YOU.  It may earn you pity but it doesn’t give you what you want.  Instead, focus on the possibilities.  Focus on what you want for yourself.  Focus on how you can uplift vs tear down.  In doing so, you transform yourself from fizzle to Sizzle!

Stacey Recommends!
You know I had the honor of co-authoring the International Best Seller, Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life, so for the next couple of weeks, I’m going to share some of the AMAZING work of my cohorts. Our purpose is to be of service helping you enhance every area of your life!  

This week, I’m excited to tell you about the exclusive FREE GIFT my friend, Faith Dugan, Financial Goddess Extraordinaire, is offering my fans. She’s a bestselling author and financial leader helping you to simplify your finances as you identify & remove self-sabotaging money behaviors…thus transforming money mayhem into money mastery and attracting wealth & abundance

Do you have a dysfunctional relationship with money? Does it need some TLC? Sex & Money are the most common reason for relationship breakups so why not transform your relationship into a sexy & prosperous love affair?

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